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It's time to elect the new Board of Directors! Thank you in advance for voting for your choice in candidates.

Candidate bios and statements can be found below. The new Board of Directors will be announced at the upcoming conference in Raleigh.

*Voting will close Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

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Co-Vice Presidents (vote for 2)

JoonHyung "Joon" Cho, University of Virginia

JoonHyung "Joon" Cho is the Director of Corporate Relations and Business Development at the University of Virginia (UVA). In this position, he leads the central corporate relations team and collaborates with partners across the campus. Joon has an extensive background in academic-industrial research partnerships, technology transfer, and innovation management from his past experiences at UNC-Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University (LSU). He is a frequent invited speaker on university-industry partnerships and has been a long-time volunteer with NACRO since 2015. Joon joined UVA in January 2022 after nearly ten years at UNC as the founding Director of Industry Relations, where he played a key role in exceeding the Campaign for Carolina's $4.25 billion goal.

He currently serves on the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs and the UIDP Communication Committee. He has also served two terms on the U.S. federal advisory committee to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding intellectual property policy.

Joon received an M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire and a B.A. in Chemistry from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN.

Candidate Statement
I am honored to be considered for the NACRO Board of Directors as a candidate for co-Vice President. With over a decade of experience in academic-industrial research partnerships and a proven track record of leading successful corporate relations initiatives, I am well-equipped to contribute strategic insights and innovative solutions. My long-standing commitment to NACRO, coupled with my leadership roles at UNC and UVA, underscores my dedication to fostering strong university-industry collaborations. Additionally, I am committed to growing and retaining NACRO membership in alignment with its strategic plan, ensuring the organization continues to thrive and expand its impact. I am eager to bring my expertise and passion to further NACRO's mission and drive impactful partnerships.

Joseph Huang, Stanford University

Joseph Huang, PhD is an executive director at the Stanford University Computer Science department, leading a team who are bridge builders between corporations and the university. Together, we manage several corporate affiliate programs, making it easier for companies to recruit students and invest in cutting edge research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their many applications in health, autonomous vehicles, large language models, drug discovery, banking, and other sectors.

Candidate Statement
Joseph Huang, Ph.D. has been a member of NACRO since 2017. He served on the Conference Programming and Professional Development committees for four years prior to the two committees’ merger to become Professional Education. Joseph serves on the Membership committee today. For the past two years he has also been the Member-at-Large, a board position, leading NACRO’s internal and external strategy. Joseph led a team who executed on the structural element of NACRO’s 3rd strategic plan, which formalized Jenna Brown as the director of operations for NACRO, merged Conference Programming and Professional Development, and tasked committee chairs to form their sub-committees around the target audience rather than the mode of delivery. He then did a landscape scan of NACRO’s position relative to other professional societies operating in the space in the second year as Member-at-Large. He is winner of the 2021 Volunteer of the Year award and the co-winner of the 2022 Presidents’ Award.

“With my experience as a volunteer on multiple committees, conducting the strategy analysis, and implementing structural changes, I believe I can serve NACRO well in the next few years. I believe in growing the regional groups and positioning NACRO as the professional society of choice in the holistic corporate relations space.

Jason King, University of California, Irvine

For the last 5.5 years, I have been a Director of Corporate Relations at the Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences for the University of California, Irvine. In my role, I help to lead a team of five, run an industry advisory board, manage an industry-sponsored research portfolio of several million dollars, and oversee a corporate partners' program. I also successfully created a robust capstone ecosystem involving ten different programs with 450 students completing over 200 projects a year.

In my free time, I love to surf and be outdoors while spending time with my family and friends. As a servant leader, I also volunteer time with a wellness committee for my university and an advisory board for a college program. 

Candidate Statement
I have greatly enjoyed being a part of NACRO for 5 years, with my volunteer work starting on the Membership and Alliances (M&A) and Professional Development Committees, and several program and financial subcommittees. While serving as a board member and leader for two years on the M&A committee, I have helped to create and implement NACRO regional groups, a new member welcome outreach process, increased membership value, and helped to create the foundation for the retention of Nacro members. Promoting Nacro membership and its value is at the heart of my passion while utilizing data and objective key results can be a guide to setting realistic goals that can benefit the future of NACRO. I am committed to dedicating my time, energy, and expertise to furthering NACRO's key missions.  Thank you for your vote as Co-Vice President. 

Thomas Manshack, University of North Texas


Thomas Manshack is Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at the University of North Texas. Leveraging 16 years of university development experience at prestigious institutions including North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of the South, he spearheads holistic relationship strategy and fosters investment growth from corporate and foundation partners. Thomas serves as Co-Chair of NACRO's Professional Education Committee. 

Candidate Statement
I believe that NACRO members change the world through our work, and I am honored to be considered for the privilege of guiding our organization forward. If chosen to lead, I will apply nearly two decades of experience in university advancement and a wide range of experiences as a volunteer in various professional organizations. My priorities will be to broaden NACRO's membership base, build on a growing foundation of financial support, and strengthen our influence within the university-industry landscape.

 Benchmarking Committee Chair-Elect

Anne Borchert, AB3 Partners


Anne Borchert is Principal of AB3 Partners where she specializes in supporting organizations seeking to grow and develop corporate relations, corporate investment, and strategic projects and partnerships. She brings almost 40 years of experience to her role, with expertise in driving holistic corporate engagement, managing advisory committees, forging academic partnerships, and promoting diverse and inclusive fundraising strategies. With a broad background in higher education that includes roles at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), the University of Chicago, and Vassar College, Anne is also adept at navigating complex centralized and decentralized organizational structures with agility.

Prior to AB3 Partners Anne was the Associate Vice President of Corporate Relations and Strategic Projects at Case Western Reserve. She served in a variety of leadership roles in Corporate Relations at CWRU, and was promoted multiple times for her strong performance, innovative strategies, and relationship management skills. During her tenure of more than 25 years there, Anne worked across the University in the School of Engineering, Central Development, and campus-based programs, leading teams that were responsible for more than $300 million in financial investments. 

Previously, as the Director of Development and Alumni Affairs for the University of Chicago’s International House, Anne was responsible for more than $2 million in investments from corporations and individuals. She also held leadership roles in UChicago’s Annual Fund and Donor Relations offices. Earlier in her career, Anne taught English in Japan with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program and worked as an Editorial and Foreign Rights Assistant at the New York publishing house, Doubleday & Company. Additionally, she served as a business manager at Vassar College.

Anne has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Vassar College and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Development at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She has been a sought-after speaker, presenter, and panelist for multiple conferences, including the UIDP Future of Work Symposium, and the Network of Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO) annual conference. She is a member of NACRO, where she is chair of the publishing and consulting sub-committee within the benchmarking committee. She is also Chair of the Shaker Schools Foundation Advisory Committee in Shaker Heights, Ohio and in 2023 was the Co-Chair of the successful $187 million bond and levy campaign to support the capital infrastructure plan for the Shaker Heights City School District.

Candidate Statement
I am a passionate member of the Corporate Relations Community. I believe in the work of each individual officer and of the NACRO collective. I have gained much from the many people who have participated in the work of corporate engagement and in NACRO. I would like to be helpful to the growth of this organization, and to help the corporate relations sector to be recognized as the shining jewel it is! I am particularly motivated to support the benchmarking area in order to serve the NACRO community with the data needed to demonstrate our value.

Communications Committee Chair-Elect

Chad Brown, Montclair State University

As an advancement leader, I have focused my career on forging common visions for community well-being, bringing together the hearts, hands, minds, and financial resources of individuals and organizations to grow and sustain critical programs and initiatives.

In my current role as Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships + Development with the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University, I serve as a member of the Dean's senior leadership team, engaging alumni and friends to build private philanthropic support for high priority programs and scholarships, launching activities to involve participants in our learning community, expanding advancement efforts to include a national mindset, and adapting a corporate engagement model to expand and deepen the School's corporate partnerships.

Previously, as Vice President with the Greater Twin Cities United Way, I implemented over $30 million in fundraising programs which impacted more than one million at-risk individuals throughout the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metropolitan region. Over the course of my career, I have proven adept at recruiting and supervising teams of fundraising professionals and volunteers, expanding community awareness to deepen partner engagement.

I am always looking to learn how organizations maximize impact and share how our team has achieved our goals by pursuing growth and innovation.

Candidate Statement
NACRO is only as strong as its volunteer leaders and committee members who generously share their networks, knowledge and expertise.  When I first joined, I was warmly welcomed by so many as I participated in the online bootcamp.  I continued to build my network by joining the Communications Committee and Toolkit Subcommittee. I am running for a seat on the NACRO Board of Directors to give back to an organization that supports my learning and development and that of so many around the US and world.

Membership Chair-Elect (vote for 1)

Marla Morris, University of Texas at El Paso

Marla is a member of the Corporate and Foundations Relations team at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), bringing over 12 years of higher education fundraising experience as well as work in the nonprofit sector. She has a proven ability to cultivate long-term, comprehensive relationships and has successfully secured funding from a wide array of sources, including local, regional, and national corporations and foundations, among them several Fortune 100 companies.

At UTEP, Marla also serves on the Business Engagement Council, a strategic initiative under the President’s office aimed at implementing best practices in corporate relations, which is a key element of the university’s 2030 Strategic Plan.

Marla's prior experience includes fundraising and prospect management roles at the University of Texas at Arlington, King’s College London, and the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. Her roles have been comprised of both centralized and unit-based positions, including Athletics and the College of Education, and she has been involved in campus-wide engagement and comprehensive campaigns.

Before transitioning to higher education fundraising, Marla spent over 15 years in broadcast sales in the Dallas-Fort Worth media market, predominantly in television. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Texas Christian University’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication, a master’s in History from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a master’s in Medieval History from King’s College London.

Originally from Grapevine, Texas, Marla relocated to El Paso in January 2022 to work in the newly created Corporate and Foundation Relations unit to increase support for UTEP’s priority initiatives. In addition to her fundraising duties, she has also been teaching an undergraduate elective course in Medieval History at UTEP for the past two semesters.

Candidate Statement
It is an honor to be nominated for the role of Membership Committee Chair-Elect, and I am excited about the opportunity to advance NACRO's priorities and serve on the board. My diverse professional background in both higher education and other sectors, coupled with my education, life experience, and active involvement with NACRO, has equipped me with a solid foundation for this leadership position in our national professional association. I look forward to contributing to NACRO's growth and supporting its next phase of evolution.

Christine Roth, Oregon State University

I am in my 5th year as the Assistant Director of Advancement, leading all industry and corporate relations and engagement for the College of Business at Oregon State University. I work directly with industry, non-profit, educational entities to encourage investment into our College, placement of our students and support of research initiatives.  As we do not have a centralized corporate relations office at the university, I am able to create a unique portfolio and strategic initiatives to further the reputation and revenue of the College.

I received both my Bachelor of Arts degrees in history and political science, and MBA from the University of California.  I spent for more than 25 years in business development work, ranging from management positions in investment and financial services in both the US and Europe, directing public, media and corporate investor relations, business development, to leading key organizations in the food & beverage sector.  In addition to membership and volunteer work with both local and national groups such as Special Olympics, I also work with different abled riders via therapeutic riding instruction.  I also serve on the Dean’s Board at the University of Alabama’s Honors College, and volunteer as both an Oregon State University Search Advocate and College of Business DEI Advocate. I also sit on the President’s Council for the Status of Women at OSU.

I have been part of NACRO for nearly four years and serve on the Membership & Alliance Committee, leading our west regional outreach for both our membership recruitment, meet-ups and assisted extensively with the 2023 Annual meeting which took place in Portland, OR.  In that effort, we created a coordinated outreach to over 1,100 fellow corporate and advancement professionals across 15 states, to amplify the numerous benefits of membership to NACRO - which are many - and encouraged attendance at our 2023 Conference. We have seen definite growth in membership since starting this effort and look forward to adding to our robust and diverse membership roster.

Candidate Statement
As co-chair of the membership committee, I would like to continue the work begun and further enhance our regional affinity groups, increase membership in areas to match educational institutions demographic concentrations and support growth for future conferences, regional meetings and overall membership engagement.  I have an excellent working relationship with the current cochair, and know that we can help move the needle for the organization.   Leveraging my strategic and analytical approach, we have been successful in driving membership and conference attendance. I deeply value the collaboration with my committee colleagues and into maintain our collective efforts while actively supporting the important work of other NACRO committees.  NACRO inspires collaboration and continued education. I feel such a sense of gratitude to the organization as I find membership an invaluable resource to me both personally and professionally.  I would like to continue to contribute and offer my time and efforts to work with fellow colleagues and new members to continue building the culture and incredible attributes of NACRO.

Professional Education Chair-Elect 

Adam Bear, University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign

I currently serve as the Stewardship Coordinator for the Office of Corporate Relations at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). In this capacity, I am the stewardship lead for the OCR team, managing the corporate experience to ensure high-quality interactions, maintaining key relationships through annual reports to major partners, and coordinating the annual funding process for many major corporate partners. Prior to joining the OCR, I was the scheduling and travel coordinator for the UIUC Chancellor for close to a decade. I hold a B.A. from Eastern Illinois University and a certificate in Project Management that has informed and enhanced much of the work I do for OCR and NACRO.

I became a member of NACRO in 2019, first attending Conference and Bootcamp in Pittsburgh. Following that conference, I joined the Conference Programming Committee, serving as a member and then lead of the Guest Experience Subcommittee. I became involved with the Strategic Planning process following Midwinter 2022 and served as a member of the Strategic Planning and Strategic Implementation committees as well as the Professional Education Transition Working Group. This NACRO year, I have been privileged to serve a one-year term as Chair of the Communications Committee while still participating as a member of Professional Education. A few highlights of my time in NACRO beyond Communications are leading the selection and implementation of our new Whova conference app, working with a small team of all-stars to overhaul NACRO’s sponsorship model, and co-presenting Bootcamp sessions on stewardship.

Candidate Statement
I am interested in election to the role of Chair-Elect of the Professional Education Committee because, for all my love of my Communications team, Professional Education is my true NACRO home. For me, it feels like a natural fit and a wonderful way to contribute my time, effort, and knowledge to NACRO. I look forward to applying my Conference Programming experience to the continued transition of the Professional Education Committee!

Member At-Large

Audrey Metcalf, Washington University - St. Louis

Audrey Metcalf is the Associate Director of Corporate Relations for Washington University in St. Louis’ Danforth Campus. In this role, she oversees the identification, research, and management of corporate prospects, data, and donors for fundraisers and university leadership. She also heads the Corporate Relations team’s stewardship efforts and represents organizational fundraising units for the university’s new CRM. Audrey joined the Washington University’s Corporate Relations team in May 2012, serving as Administrative Assistant, Coordinator, and Assistant Director before being promoted to her current position in August 2022.

In addition to her role as a member of the Corporate Relations team, from January 2019 to May 2020, Audrey served as a Faculty Research Assistant in the Department of Biology at the university. In this role, she assisted in the development of a narrative about the history of plant science in St. Louis and the university’s role in the field.

A native of St. Louis, Audrey earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology with a minor in English from the University of Missouri–St. Louis. She has been a member of the Benchmarking Committee since joining NACRO in 2016 and had the opportunity to serve as its Co-Chair and a member of the Board of Directors from 2019–2021. In addition, Audrey has been a member of the Communications Committee since 2022, and previously served as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. In 2023, she received NACRO’s Volunteer of the Year Award.

Candidate Statement
As a member of NACRO for more than seven years, I cannot begin to describe how valuable the organization has been for both my professional and personal development. I am honored to be nominated for Member at Large and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue serving NACRO membership in meaningful ways.