NACRO Leadership to Roll Out NACRO Impact Program

March 6th, 2020NACRO Impact Program

One of our most valuable offerings in NACRO is our network of professionals, who are committed to advancing the mutual goals of corporate and university relations offices. From best practices and benchmarking to mentorship and volunteer opportunities, NACRO provides a wide array of member benefits that are completely driven by our dedicated group of volunteers.

We are excited to share a new program that celebrates and recognizes the unwavering support of our volunteers! The NACRO Impact Program will recognize our NACRO volunteers at three levels:

  • Royal Blue (very active leaders, primarily current/former board of directors)
  • Silver (consistent contributors, active on committees/subcommittees, presenters at conference, and strong attendance at Midwinter and Annual NACRO conferences)
  • White (newer to NACRO, emerging engagement)

The NACRO Impact Program quantifies your impact to NACRO at the individual membership level based on the leadership positions held, committee participation, attendance, and content presented at conference as well as midwinter. We will be reaching out to members throughout March to share their current impact level, and will celebrate the NACRO Impact Program for the first time at the NACRO 2020 Conference. As part of the celebration, we will recognize all Silver level members as the “precious metal” of NACRO during the luncheon awards ceremony on Thursday, July 30, 2020 from 12:00 – 1:00pm. Watch for communications from NACRO later this month to learn about your current NACRO impact level and please know that we value ALL of your amazing contributions to NACRO!