Member Spotlight

Q&A with Audrey Metcalf, Washington University in St. Louis

January 13th, 2020Audrey Metcalf

  1. What is your current role at your institution? My official title is a bit of a mouthful—Assistant Director of Corporate Relations, Prospect Research & Stewardship. In this role, I oversee research projects and data management and help lead the Corporate Relations team’s stewardship efforts

  2. How long have you been a NACRO member? I think I’ve “technically” been a member since 2015, but I attended my first conference in August 2016.

  3. What do you enjoy most about your NACRO membership? For me, getting involved in NACRO has been a key factor in my professional development. Not only have I learned a lot from conferences and being involved in a committee, but also, to be a bit sentimental, I feel in NACRO I’ve found “my people”—a network of individuals I can reach out to when I’m stuck on something.

  4. So far, what has been your greatest Corporate Relations success? What has been your greatest challenge? I think my greatest success has also been my greatest challenge—developing and executing a corporate stewardship strategy. As we all know, each company is different, so stewardship materials can vastly differ in order to fit those companies. With each variation comes a learning curve, which can be challenging. At the same time, completing stewardship projects and seeing how the materials positively affect WashU’s relationship with a company has been really rewarding, and I would consider this my greatest Corporate Relations success.

  5. What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? My husband and I share our house with four extremely spoiled guinea pigs—Angus, Katiri, Olive, and Snickers.