Election Process

NACRO is currently seeking your recommendations for individuals to serve on our organization's Board of Directors!

To be eligible for a leadership role as a committee co-chair, candidates are required to be a NACRO member and to have served a minimum of one year as an active member, preferably for the committee they wish to lead.  To be eligible for the Vice President role, candidates must have been a NACRO member for at least 3 years and served a minimum of 1 year as a committee co-chair. Each committee chair-elect position is a two year commitment; you will automatically become chair in your second year. The Member-at-Large position is the only one-year long position. The co-Vice Presidents will serve on the Board for 3 consecutive years, with the second year as co-President and finally as co-Past President. If there are more candidates than open positions, the eligible candidates receiving the most votes will be elected. Please submit your nominees early in the process if possible; nominations will officially close on March 1, 2022.

Submit Nominee

The following positions on the NACRO Board of Directors are open for nominations. 

  • Vice Presidents (2)
  • Conference Programming Committee Chair-elect
  • Marketing & Communications Committee Chair-elect
  • Benchmarking Committee Chair-elect
  • Professional Development Committee Chair-elect
  • Membership & Alliances Committee Chair-elect
  • Member-at-Large

Vice Presidents

The co-Vice President's serve a critical leadership role within NACRO. These positions are a three year commitment; you will automatically become a co-President in your second year and a co-Past President in your third year. 

Marketing & Communications Committee

This committee establishes and promotes the NACRO brand and develops and implements communication strategies.

Benchmarking Committee

This committee annually designs, conducts, and analyzes the results of a survey that attempts to compare and contrast university corporate relations efforts (including holistic efforts, as well as more narrowly defined complementary work) at NACRO members’ institutions. A survey is conducted, analyzed, and presented each year at the NACRO annual meeting.

Conference Programming Committee

This committee plans the program for the NACRO Annual Conference and coordinates the individual conference sessions, including selecting panel participants and providing moderators to coordinate each session.

Professional Development Committee

This committee determines best practices for the education and professional development of NACRO members and utilizes these best practices to design and deliver educational and professional development offerings for NACRO membership and others seeking corporate relations expertise.

Membership & Alliances Committee

This committee has as its primary mission the growth of NACRO's membership and make recommendations on issues involving membership and administer the member program. The committee will also assess the need for and potential direction of alliances with academic and industry organizations aligned with NACRO interests; provide recommendations for alliances to the Board of Directors; and manage on behalf of the Board of Directors those alliances that have been approved. 


At-Large members take on projects as needed by the Board of Directors throughout the year of their term. 

Positions Criteria
Co Chairs of Committees
1 year of service on committee 
2+ years of NACRO membership and service on committee
Member at Large
2 years of NACRO membership and service on committees
3+ years of NACRO membership
2+ years of service on a committee
Vice Presidents
2 years of NACRO membership
1 year of Board service

Served on 2 or more committees
Served as committee co-chair
3+ years of NACRO membership
2+ years of Board service