More and more organizations are using data to drive their decision making, react to situations from an informed perspective, and improve processes. Fact based decision making helps to more effectively rise to challenges and set informed measurable goals and metrics. 

NACRO’s Benchmarking Committee is committed to serving as a data resource to help establish industry best practices and support corporate relations offices' use of industry relevant data to make informed decisions. Benchmarking does its work using data collection tools such as the annual Member Survey and Quick Polls. Member Survey assesses the state of the industry and identifies trends by collecting data on office structures, performance metrics, needed skills and competencies, and salary structures. Quick Polls are short-form surveys that gather real time data snapshots related to current trends such as company DEI initiatives and pandemic responses. 

Launching this month is the Financial Metrics Survey. In only its third year, Financial Metrics is building a data set to help better understand investment in higher education by seeking data to inform on corporate “all in” support through avenues such as gifts, sponsored research, fee-for-service contracts, and athletic sponsorships. These data can help colleges and universities identify true peer institutions for corporate relations purposes, establish organizational and individual metrics, and inform best practices. 

NACRO data is generated largely from the membership. We hope that you will help take an active role in enhancing member benefits and advancing the profession by participating in NACRO surveys. See below for more tips and information on completing the survey.

Tim Hausman & Ashley Chan
NACRO Benchmarking Co-Chairs