The Need for NACRO

The Network for Academic Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO) was established in 2011 to serve as a professional development community for individuals working in higher education and tasked with facilitating collaboration with industry. Over time, the organization has grown and now includes members from industry as well as higher education. 

NACRO serves those in these roles by providing professional development resources, thought leadership, and benchmark data on the profession. The long term goal of NACRO and its membership is to engage industry in a setting that allows for open discussion while sharing best practices with peers. As corporate philanthropy and R&D evolves towards increasingly collaborative activities, NACRO will aid in defining these roles. As corporations expand globally but work locally, they seek the “front door” to an academic institution that a university corporate relations office can provide.

Mission Statement

The Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO) provides professional development opportunities that enable corporate and academic professionals to develop and advance comprehensive, mutually beneficial relationships between industry and academia.

NACRO serves as the preeminent organization for establishing common metrics and documenting best practices for success in the field of academic corporate relations. 


NACRO members are passionate about the holistic engagement between industry and academia and believe that mutual success comes from collaboration. Universities, Industry, and society benefit when the assets and resources of each are aligned and connected--driving economic prosperity.  

NACRO is committed to building a diverse and inclusive membership, where everyone feels welcome, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status or any other dimension of diversity.  NACRO believes diversity, equity, and inclusion create more thoughtful and innovative partnerships that make companies and institutions more successful together.

A brief overview of NACRO can be found in this one-pager.


Download the NACRO bylaws by clicking here.

Policies and Procedures

The NACRO Policies and Procedures document was written to clarify expectations and preserve the mission and vision of NACRO. The current version was updated and approved by the NACRO executive committee in May 2015.